How to Install uYouPlus using Scarlet? [No Computer]

How to Install uYouPlus using Scarlet

Scarlet allows us to install IPA files without needing a computer, and it offers a simple solution compared to AltStore, Sideloadly and even Sidestore. However, It is unreliable as it uses enterprise certification, which can be revoked anytime. So, we recommend using the Scarlet method if you are running with iOS 16. Otherwise, get Trollstore … Read more

How to Install uYouPlus using AltStore?


AltStore method requires a computer that supports Windows, MacOS and Linux. The main drawback of this method is; you have to refresh the uYouPlus app every 7 days to work on your iPhone/iPad. Install AltStore The installation process is pretty straightforward. First, set up AltServer on your PC/Mac, use AltServer to install AltStore on your … Read more

How to Install uYou+ using TrollStore?

How to Install uYou+ using TrollStore

uYou+ is a YouTube tweaked app which has the best features and support in the iOS/iPadOS community. Installing is a bit hard procedure. However, with the TrollStore, it is simple and efficient compared to AltStore and Sideloadly. Drawback is It supports only a few iOS versions for now in non-jailbroken devices. TrollStore is a permasigned … Read more