Hopefully, you will find the answer in these frequently asked questions.

Is uYouPlus safe?

  • Eww, I’m afraid that I cannot answer this question. While most of the tweaks that are used in uYouPlus are open-source, there several part that are not open-source:
    • uYou: uYou is not open-source. But MiRO92 – the developer of uYou, is a very well-known and talent developer in jailbreak community. If you don’t trust him, then I think you have no one left to trust 🤷‍♂️
    • The Open in YouTube extensions.
    • The YouTube IPA: you always can decrypt YouTube yourself.
  • After all, I highly recommend you build your own iPA of uYouPlus. See Building – Wiki

How to solve “Google couldn’t confirm this attempt to sign in is safe. If you think this is a mistake, you can close and try again to sign in.” warning when signing in?

  • The issue has been solved in v17.37.3-2.1 and higher. However, Google can easily break it again if they want. Therefore don’t be surprised if it suddenly stop working.
  • For more details about the problem, check out this disscussion.

How to solve “You can’t sign in to this app because Google can’t confirm that it’s safe” warning when signing in?

This issue has been addressed on v17.33.2-2.1 and higher. You don‘t need to follow the trick below anymore. Just make sure you‘re on the newest version!

App crashes on iOS 16?

uYouPlus v17.24.4-2.1 and higher supports iOS 16!

Are you the developer of uYouPlus?

  • I’m just a guy who put all the tweaks which are used in uYouPlus into a YouTube IPA. Anyone can do that if they want to (see Building – Wiki).
  • In shortI’m not the developer of uYouPlus. All the developers who are mentioned in Credits are the developer of uYouPlus.

I want to add my language to uYouPlus. How do I do that?

  • Translator are always welcome. If your language already exists then feel free to check it and/or improve it:
    1. Fork uYouPlus repo
    2. Go to lang > uYouPlus.bundle. Duplicate the template.lproj folder, and edit the duplicated folder’s name to your <lang_code>.lproj id. For example: ru.lproj for Russia. To be sure, see Wiki – List of ISO codes.
    3. Translate each line below after each =
    4. Open a Pull Request.
  • You can also add your localization to YouPiPYTUHDReturn YouTube Dislike, and YTABConfig. The process is the same.

I got the IPA. How do I install uYouPlus?

There are many tools to sideload IPA to your phone. TrollStore is recommended first (if possible). Other alternatives are AltStore and Sideloadly. See Installation – Wiki for more info.

Does it require jailbroken?

  • NO, IT DOES NOT. The IPA is made for non-jb users.
  • If you are jailbroken but still want to use uYouPlus, you must sideload it with TrollStore, AltStore, Sideloadly, Reprovision… Using AppSync Unifield & Filza will not work (app crashes on launching).

Does it support ARM mac?

  • I also don’t own an ARM mac, please don’t ask me to add support for ARM mac. Perhaps other developers could do that.

How do I refresh uYouPlus?

  • AltStore users: see here.
  • Sideloadly users: see here.

I can’t open uYouPlus after a week (AltStore/Sideloadly). It said YouTube is no longer available.

  • Apps that have been installed using a free developer account are only valid for 7 days (you can check the expiry date in AltStore). Please re-install AltStore & uYouPlus.
  • How to Refresh apps? See the answer above.

YouTube crashes when opening uYou’s settings?

This has been addressed in v17.34.3-2.1 or higher.

YouTube crashes when opening uYou’s settings?

This has been addressed in v17.34.3-2.1 or higher.

Error Failed to load Info.plist from bundle at path /private/var/container/Bundle/Application...

Should I remove the vanilla YouTube? Cast to TV not working?

You don‘t have to but you should. However, keeping the vanilla YouTube app may cause issues with Cast to TV. Remove the stock YouTube app in that case.

I see ads when casting to TV?

  • Let’s make it simple: Cast to TV means you tell your TV play a video. But your TV loads that video directly from YouTube, not from your phone.
  • If you use AirPlay then you won’t see any ads, because you’re streaming your video directly to your TV.

I signed in, but got “Error fetching channel list for account Tap to try again” error!

  • This should be fixed in v17.21.3-2.1 and newer. If not, see below:
    • If you’re using a paid sigining service: contact your signing service and ask them “How to keep the original bundle ID when sideloading app”. Login should work with the default bundle ID.
    • If you’re using your own paid developer account: generate a wildcard profile, which allows you to use the default bundle ID of YouTube.
    • AltStore/Sideloadly users: make sure the bundle ID of the IPA was not modified. It should be com.google.ios.youtube

The timestamp of videos in History, Playlist, Watch later is missing!

  • Go to uYou’s setting > Other settings > Turn off Remove YouTube Ads.
  • This option will be disabled automatically since v17.40.5-2.1 and higher.

Age restricted (offensive/inappropriate) videos not playing?

  • Go to uYou’s setting > Other settings > Turn off Disable Age Restriction.
  • This option will be disabled automatically since v17.40.5-2.1 and higher.

My watch history not syncing?

Check your DNS setting. Every time people complain about this issue, it is due to DNS configuration.

Why can’t I see 2K/4K quality?

  • Make sure you enable YTUHD in YouTube Settings > Video quality preferences. However, I recommend you leave YTUHD disabled unless you use TrollStore to install uYouPlus.
  • Watching 2K/4K videos may cause several issues, such as battery drain, overheating, stuttering… That’s because YTUHD uses software decoder (vanilla YouTube uses hardware decoder). PoomSmart explained it hereHowever, YTUHD works perfectly fine when the app was installed by TrollStore.

Why does it take so long to active PiP?

Have you enabled native YouTube PiP in YouTube Settings > YouPiP? This is where YouPiP shines!

The app stop playing when I turn off the screen?

I‘m pretty sure you have PiP enabled. PiP will stop playing when you lock the screen. This is iOS behavior! Feel free to send a feedback to Apple.

What is Legacy PiP? Should I enable it?

  • No. I wouldn’t suggest you enable Legacy PiP unless you tired of the speed-up bug.
  • Turn on Legacy PiP also breaks the Default video quality feature of uYou and/or YouTube.

Why can’t I disable Background playback?!? I turned off Background playback in uYou’s settings!

  • In order to enable native Picture in Picture, Background playback must be enabled by YouPiP. Therefore, YouTube is still running in Background even when you disable Background playback in uYou’s settings.
  • If you hate Background playback that much: Extract the IPA, go to Payload > YouTube.app > Frameworks, delete YouPiP.dylib, and then re-create the IPA. Or just build your own version of uYouPlus without YouPiP.

Why can’t I receive push notifications?

  • Push notifications works out of the box if the app was installed by TrollStore.
  • Push notifications will not work on free developer account (limitation of sideload).
  • If you have a paid developer account, take a look at SignTools. With some effort, you can fix push notifications.
  • Bear in mind that not all signing services support Push notifications.

What is the difference between uYou normal download and uYouLocal download?

  • MiRO explained it here
  • From my experience, uYouLocal has a better download speed.

Slow download speed?

  • Well, YouTube slows down the download speed. Let’s hope MiRO92 could do something about it.
  • From my experience, uYouLocal has a better download speed.

How many App ID does uYouPlus take? (AltStore)

  • When sideloading uYouPlus via AltStore, uYouPlus will take 3 App IDs by default. One app IDs for the app itself, and two app IDs for Open in YouTube Extensions. See here for more details.
  • In short: uYouPlus needs 3 app IDs to fully working. Removing app’s extensions means no Open in YouTube workaround.