uYou+ is a modified version of uYou (made by @MiRO92) with additional features and is mainly for non-jailbroken users!

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Version v19.08.2-3.0.3


We can all agree that YouTube is very popular. Still, it’s far from perfect.

Despite its fame, YouTube misses many useful features that users worldwide crave. This leaves people feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. What’s worse is that even with the few features, YouTube still decides to limit its resources to basic users and give priority to premium subscribers.

No wonder thousands of third-party services are mimicking the app and giving users the ultimate viewing experience for free.

For a long time, iOS devices have been left out of these third-party heroes and forced to survive with the official YouTube application. But such limits were shortlived with the introduction of the uYouPlus IPA – a third-party mod for the iOS/iPad OS devices, similar to ReVanced YouTube for Android.


What is uYouPlus IPA?

The uYouPlus, also known as uYou+, is a modified version of the old uYou tweak, a third-party mod for the iOS YouTube app with many new and exciting features.

Whether you have an iPhone or iPad, the uYouPlus IPA works for all iOS devices and gives users unlimited access to YouTube premium features and many other thrilling functions. In short, Vanced/ReVanced for iOS.

You can watch videos in 4K resolution, download YouTube shorts, download multiple large videos concurrently, whitelist a YouTube channel, and control your data, among other many features.

App Details

Size106 MB
Based onuYou v3.0.3
Last updatedFebruary 03, 2024



uYouPlus’ Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode lets me shrink my YouTube video to a tiny window on the corner of my screen and use any other app simultaneously.

No Ads

Remove ads from videos, homepage and more. It helps you concentrate on the video that you are watching.

Video Quality

uYouPlus lets you control the video quality on both WiFi and cellular networks. Depending on your network status, you can choose between a wide range of quality options from 144p to 2160p (60fps).

Download YT Shorts

Download YT shorts and store them on your device for offline watching. Now, you can enjoy your favourite short but entertaining content offline.

Set Download Path

You can choose your download path and folder and place videos in the right categories, preventing any potential misunderstandings or embarrassing situations.

Background Playback

uYou+ application lets you can enable background playback and continue listening to any video while doing something else.

Download Videos

The uYouPlus application lets iOS users download any YouTube video for offline use. Copy and paste the video link or ID onto the download page to start downloading.

Video Format

Before starting to download videos, you could choose between different video formats, including WebM, MP4, and WebM+MP4.

PiP Quality

uYouPlus lets you turn down your PiP quality to the lowest option to improve your device’s performance.

Concurrent Downloads

Download multiple videos simultaneously without waiting for one download to finish before starting another.

Support 4K HDR

You can watch 4K HDR content using the app. Get clear, crisp, and real content.


uYou+ has iSponsorBlock, which lets you skip segments, intros, reminders, promotions and outros. This allows you to watch videos without distractions.

Data Manager

Data manager lets you view and delete your search and watch history to keep your privacy intact.

Helpful Reminders

You can set a bedtime reminder to ensure you’re getting enough sleep. Helpful reminders can be useful as you want to ensure you manage your time effectively.

Return YouTube Dislike

Return YouTube Dislike can bring back the dislike count and better understand how other viewers feel about a video.

How to Install uYouPlus IPA on iOS/iPadOS?

Below are a few methods to install uYouPlus IPA on your non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad devices for free.

trollstore guide


Supports iOS version 14.0 to 15.6 b (1-5) (except 15.5 RC) | No Computer Required | No 7-day Refresh



Also Supports iOS version 16.x | No Computer Required | Unreliable (Revoked Anytime) | More expiry time


Requires iOS 14.0 – 16.1.2 (excluding 15.7.2) | Computer Required (Mac/Windows/Linux) | 7-day refresh

Final words

So, what are you waiting for? The world of YouTube streaming is changing for all devices, and you will regret missing out on such an opportunity. And the best part is it’s all free. You don’t need a premium membership just because you have an iOS or iPadOS device. Download uYouPlus application version today and see your streaming experience change before your eyes.